Lorenna Corral is an artist, and a mental health advocate. She self produces and writes about her experience with mental illness and medicine induced disability Tardive Dyskinesia, that she overcame.


Sugar Pills, a double album focused on her mental health journey, is her first musical project she wrote and produced in her bedroom. Sugar Pills 1 was released in 2018. The second half of the double album, Sugar Pills 2 is set to be released Summer 2020. 


Lorenna's next project, Checklist Love, is her first project focused on love and relationship - which she attributes to healing and successfully managing her mental health struggles. She can now focus on forming relationships rather than being held down by her Bipolar diagnosis.


"I was numb for so long I wasn't able to connect with anyone around me let alone a love interest." 


Checklist Love explores the complications of love as she navigates this new world with dreamy alternative pop production and lyrics. 


​She is currently collaborating with a Detroit songwriter and producer duo while living in Los Angeles. 


Her hope for future projects are to explore more psychedelic sounds as well as add violin to her music - the instrument she first began her music journey on. She is in love with pop music and never wants to lose that element to her sound.